Field Walking (FW) and Metal Detection (MD) Reports.

Condensed Reports of field walking and metal detection undertaken since 2004. Locations are generic to preserve the privacy of landowners. To access Click on Links below or left hand menu.


Field Name                         Date Walked 


Chaters Hill FW Sept 2009 Burnmill Rd, Market Harborough 
Lower Greens Hill FW Sept 2011  Burnmilll Rd, Market Harborough 
Kendalls FW June 2004 Leicester Lane, Market Harborough
Russell Seeds FW MD 2005 East
Sept 2007 West
Sept 2011 East
Burnmill Rd, Market Harborough
Sixteen Acres FW MD Oct 2011  North Great Bowden Parish 
Stans Field FW Sept/ Nov 2011     Leicester Lane, Market Harborough
Webbs Meadow FW MD Sept 2009 Burnmill Rd, Market Harborough
Wymonds Hill FW 2004 Welham Lane, Great Bowden